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MorphTraits are a melge of you and your pet.

A crude, but beautiful, technically accurate(ish!) mashup of your features where your pets should be. 


If you enjoy faceswapping (I am a huge fan....Obviously) its basically that. A faceswap drawing. 



  • Send me lots of pictures of you, and your pet when you purchase
  • I will pick two that work and smush you together using my magical charcoal skills; Almost like the combining of two different coloured playdohs...You know you shouldn't do it, you know you cant undo it, but you need to know what it looks like.


Your sketch will be on mountboard, around A4 in size, drawn with willow charcoal and sprayed with Windsor and Newton fixative. 

I will scan it and save it. If you want to get your drawing printed, or on a tshirt... I can make this available in the store. 


Please be aware... Your melge might appear in my shop as a print. If this is not okay with you then please tell me. Although the photographs are yours the drawing and the copyright to the artwork is mine... I will always ask your permission to share your photographs, and respect your choice though. 

YOUR MorphTrait...

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