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I came to this planet from Acubens in the Cancer constellation. After spending many years as an invertebrate with a molten exoskeleton I eventually took this form (after trying to be a fish, and a honey badger), which you know as Shell. I observed life as you know it for many years, looking for ways to document it. I never managed to breach the boundaries between Chelmsford and Grays though. I worked for British Gas for a long time and I tried to make light conversation with callers, mostly because I didn't understand the script. I had to leave eventually because Terry pursued the conversation to the next level... five syllable words! Leaving through the service entrance to a sound that only Russell Brand would enjoy was not how I wanted to go out! After that I worked for about a week in a rubber chicken packing factory; purely because I was asked to by John the Foot, and to be fair I owed him a favour from way back involving some matt magenta pigment. Then, I invested a lot of time in reading the South Woodham Focus while I sold small square beige unscented candles on Pitsea market. It seemed like years before I decided that creating visual reproductions of what I saw and learned would be the purest way of documenting life. Drawing obviously! 

I am an artist. MorphTraits are my favourite creations... The ol Pet Portrait Parodies and Celebrity Puns. I am also a freelance scenic painter, designer and i repurpose old furniture.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.

I'm from Essex in the Uk - I will be living in Diss, Norfolk soon!

A Little Bit About Me

hi. i'm michelle, the bear with the brush.

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