Yes. I charge for my time. 

Yes, I charge for my time.

The years I spent at college at university learning to do what I do.

The evenings I spent at home researching and learning instead of relaxing.

The decades I've dedicated to getting better at what I do.

The time that I spend creating your artwork.

Yes, I charge for my time.

Because that's the time I am selling you.

It's the same time I'm not spending with my children.

It's the same time I'm missing a night out for.

Yes. I charge for my time.

This is my job. This is my career and I charge for my time.

If you're happy to work for twenty hours for thirty quid then great, I've got a garden that needs some work; but I would like to be paid for the work that I do thank you. I don't do it for you, I do it to make a better life. To provide for my children and to teach them that you can be anything you want to be. I didn't wake up two weeks ago and decide I was going to draw something and try and sell it. I didn't do that. I done that when I was a child, and I've worked towards that for a very long time. I put everything I have into the pieces I create and I try to improve each and every time.

The time I politely I spend communicating with you before I know exactly what you want... I don't get paid for that. My art education, research, practice, continuous development... I've already paid for that.

So yes. I do charge for my time.

I'm not sorry for that.



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