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The Loop

Here's the thing about going round in circles; you think "Here we are again, back at the start of this loop"... but what you forget is that it's a fucking circle and it doesn't start or stop. You can only continue to ignore something that affects you, to the point that it actually gets to you. Even though it's been there all along, and it's the same damn thing; it becomes something new. Even though you feel like it's the same again, you call it "the start" which implies that it's new; and even though it's the start you make yourself feel stupid for being effected by something you've already dealt with. Dealing with something and stopping it are different things entirely though. "I've dealt with it" is more often than not a bullshit term for "I made myself feel better about it". Usually having little to do with the actual resolution of a situation. It's a one sided approach to accepting or ignoring something that you're not actually happy to accept. So every time the circle or loop "starts" again remember, it never actually ended. Get a nice coloured pen and draw yourself a new fucking circle. Add some glitter or some shit, whatever. Just make it happy. It's your fucking circle!

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